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Introduction of Anhui University of TCM

Anhui University of TCM was set up in 1959 and is located in Hefei-the capital city of Anhui province. The Medical University is one of the first higher education institutions established in China and also the only one in Anhui province that fosters the senior talents majoring in Chinese medicine and Western medicine. With forty-five years of developments, the Medical University has become a major base for the higher education of Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine, scientific research and international exchanges and cooperation in the province, even in the whole country. It also touches the fields of technology, engineering, management and economics. The Medical University in china has 7 schools or departments offering 3 key courses of provincial level, one key course of national level, 16 Masters degree courses, 4 bases for cultivating the doctorate students cooperating with other medical universities, one key laboratory of provincial level, 2 affiliated hospitals of provincial level, one Chinese clinic and one hospital specialized in Chinese and Western medicine combined. There are nearly 8,000 students in the university. It has a completely qualified faculty, 300 of whom are professors or associate professors and 100 of whom are entitled to supervise students studying for a Masters or PhD degrees. There are more than 300,000 volumes of books in the library, which has an e-reading room with 200 booths.

Why Anhui?

1. Recognized by WHO, CMC & CSC. 2. Authorized to enroll international students since 1996
2. Fully English Medium MBBS classes.
3. Syllabus entirely based on international standard
4. Government owned and highly reputed worldwide.
5. 4 In -house hospitals.
6. Internship in student's home country or China
7. Multinational students body with American, British, Australian, Japanese, Korean ,South Asian & EU students.
8. Located in the beautiful international city - Hefei , the capital of Anhui Province .
9. Scholarship and Coaching for Examination Preparation like USMEL,PLAB AND INDIA SCREENING TEST is also available.
10. Eligible to appear USMLE, PLAB and INDIA SCREENING TEST

International students


Separate International Curriculum with special attention for MCI based Syllabus is followed for students from India. Training for USMLE & PLAB exams are also available.It has a completely qualified faculty, 300 of whom are professors or associate professors and 100 of whom are entitled to supervise students studying for a Masters or a PhD degrees. There are more than 300,000 volumes of books in the library, which has an e-reading room with 200 booths.

Syllabus for First 2 years (Basic Science) Syllabus for Next 2.5 years (Clinical Sciences)
Community Medicine
Forensic Medicine

Hostel & Food

Two person share a room with air condition, attached bathroom, color TV, telephone, bed with required amenities and furniture, public laundry, free hot-drinking water heater in each room or public hot water dispenser. The students are required to pay for the electricity they use. (Normally the expense for each student is $ 5 per month for reasonable usage).

Indian Food is available of Indian Students and the International students from other countries can take their food in the Canteen according to their own food habits.

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Any applicant who is minimum a higher secondary graduate with good health can apply. He/She must have passed grade twelve (10+2) or equivalent with minimum 50% score in science with Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Among all the subjects, English is a compulsory one.

(Note: Minimum Percentage of marks for SC/ST students is 40%).

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

1.I really want to study at your University, but I can’t speak Chinese, can I be instructed in English?

Answer: the program is fully English medium program.

2. How is the living standard in your city? What about the canteen in the University?

Answer: The living expense here is relatively low, for example, about 50 USD for your food per month. There are several canteens including INDIAN KITCHEN in the university; you can choose any one as per your taste

3.How can I arrive in China?

The recommended flight is from Shanghai transit to Hefei, Beijing transit to Hefei, Guangzhou transit to Hefei, Hongkong transit to Hefei. Students can choose the travel route according to their location.

4. Can you send a vehicle to take us from the Local airport to the University?

Answer: Answer: Sure, we can provide free Airport pick up service for the students in group from local airport-HeFei Airport to campus. But students should send departure detailed schedule to our college’s representative minimum 3 days in advance so that we can pick up without any delay.

5. How can I exchange some Chinese currency for my pocket money when I just arrived in China?

Students can exchange some Chinese currency in bank for shuttle/bus ticket fare and pocket money in Airport when they arrive in China. And students can buy telephone card from business counter in Airport to give international call and domestic call if students need.

6. How are the transportation, telecom and internet in HeFei City?

Answer: there is an airport, train station, bus to many cities in China. There are convenient public facilities for telecom and internet, you can buy telecom card to call in any time and there are lots of internet pub for going on internet

7. How is the climate in Hefei City?

Answer: Hefei is located in middle east area of China, it is sub tropic mild climate, average temperature is 16 centigrade degree

8. How far is the University from Shanghai?

Answer: it is 40min by flight

9.How is the China Medical Education Ranking in world?

Answer: China medical education is ranked 4th worldwide

10. Can a student open a Bank Account?

Answer: Yes, a student could open a bank account in his name to keep his surplus money safe. He could also use this account to have his family remit any additional money as required.

11. Is learning Chinese Language compulsory?

Answer: Even though the entire course is taught in English, one has to learn Chinese language without any cost. It is very important for general communication, because you need it in your clinical sessions after second year and for your own convenience.

12. How is the Holiday schedule?

Saturday and Sunday every week.
May 1st: International Labor Day -----7 Days
Summer Holidays: Two months in July/August
October 1st: Independence Day ----- 7 Days
Winter Holidays and Spring Festival: One month in February.


Fees of MBBS Course/ 2007-2008 Academic Year-

1. Tuition Fee: 2,100 US$/YEAR

2. Hostel Fee: 700 US$/YEAR


Student Testimonials

Sandeep kumar ----The educational environment of our college is very good… teacher’s are also helpful…After coming here we students are having good time….Hostel facility is also good…Before coming to China most people used to worry about food…but here our college provide us “Indian kitchen” from there we can easily get Indian food…

Maharashtra, India

Wangia wekesea---- Hi It’s me Wangia from Kenya. I am having great time here. We don’t have any communication problem with the teachers here. They are good and very kind hearted. As for the teaching system, it is good. For the upcoming students I want to say no need to worry about the Chinese language. The Chinese language teacher of our college is very experienced for teaching foreign students.

Nairobi, Kenya

Ziauddin---If anyone out there chooses China to study medicine, then I would recommend AHTCM. I am fully satisfied with the infrastructure here


Salome---University has a very studious environment, teachers are very co-operative, obviously, more curious you are, more you achieve. Most of all I adore the library and clinical section.

Kerala, India

If you are interested to study in this university

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